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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Arcadia police make a major cocaine bust

| Feb 26, 2013 | Drug Crime, Drug trafficking, Drug Violations

Last Thursday police in Arcadia said they believe they have busted one of the area’s biggest drug dealers as reported by NBC-2.

In the small city of just 7,000 people, detectives’ hard work netted cocaine and crack cocaine they say has street value of over $100,000. They arrested 30-year-old Tyrone Jones in connection to one of the biggest cocaine busts the city has ever seen. Detectives say in the abandoned home kitty corner to Jones’ home, they found more than a pound of cocaine in brick form.

Officials we spoke with say detectives had stopped Jones’ earlier this month for running a stop sign and they were simply going to write him a ticket until he fled. That’s when investigators claim he grabbed a bag of cocaine from his car and took off.

The Arcadia Police Department says they took a huge bite out of the drug trade in the small city. “A pound of powder cocaine that’s still in a brick form, that’s still solid, not been cut up – what we call stepped on. That’s a real big seizure. I’ve been here almost 24 years and this is the most powder cocaine I’ve seen in my career at the Arcadia Police Department,” said Captain Matt Anderson.

Detectives say they’ve been watching Jones for a while now but couldn’t catch him in the act. They say he hid the drugs in that abandoned house.