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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Impaired driver plows into Cape school bus

| Feb 21, 2013 | Injuries, Traffic Violations

Forgiveness and prayer. That’s what a Cape Coral father says about his feelings toward the driver of a truck that crashed into his daughter’s school bus today.

It happened this yesterday at Santa Barbara and SE 8th Street.

The driver of that truck was unresponsive at the scene after hitting the bus. Cape Coral police say he was transported here to Lee Memorial Hospital. Two students from the bus were taken to Cape Coral Hospital. The father of one of those students says he’s mad his baby girl is hurt, but another part of him is already forgiving.

“Your heart kind of goes down into your stomach when you get that call,” said Dan Sardinas, the father of injured Brianna Sardinas.

Brianna was hurt after a box truck smashed into her school bus. Dan raced to be by her side at Cape Coral Hospital.

“When she saw me I gave her a hug and I kissed her and she was relieved but you could tell she was very much uncomfortable,” Sardinas said.

Sardinas says Brianna had a bloody nose, bruised forehead and hurt knee.

She was one of two students transported for injuries. The other kids on the bus were OK. Sardinas says his 5th grader only remembers it happening so fast.

“She was sitting in her seat taking to her friends and the accident happened. And her face went forward and hit the seat in front of her,” he said.

Police say the driver of the truck-49-year-old Bradford Tanner-blew through a red light according to witnesses and couldn’t break in time before hitting the bus at Santa Barbara and SE 8th Street.

Police say Tanner was impaired and they’re investigating whether drugs and or alcohol is a factor.

Sardinas, who’s also a local pastor, says the family is praying for Tanner.

“As a dad, my little girl’s hurt. And that, of course, angers me a lot that anybody would hurt her. But as a Christian, as a follower of Jesus, I still, my responsibility is to love and to forgive and let justice prevail,” Sardinas said.

Tonight, Sardinas is counting his blessings his daughter is not seriously hurt and the other kids aren’t either. Doctors told him Brianna would be fine.

“She’s home…resting,” he said.

Lee Memorial officials say the truck driver is in critical condition tonight here at Lee Memorial Hospital.

Article written by Kim Brown,