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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Father enraged after man peaks through teens’ window

| Apr 8, 2013 | Sex Crime

Two teenage girls were scared to stay in their Port Charlotte home after they caught a man peeping in on them as they were changing last Sunday night.

Charlotte County deputies arrested 44-year-old Alan Hogue and accused him of voyeurism and prowling, both misdemeanors.

We spoke with their father who chased down the “peeping Tom” who lives on the same block.

“She was scared to death, the look on her face was, you knew something was wrong,” said the girls’ father, Sean Butcher.

Butcher never wants to see that look on his daughter’s face again.

He said she came racing out of her room Sunday night telling him a man was at the window looking in on her and her step sister.

She called 911 and Butcher went outside to check it out.

“So I went out the door and came down the driveway and I see a guy kind of shuffling his feet here. When he saw me he just took off running,” Butcher said.

Butcher didn’t even put on his shoes. He immediately sprinted after the man on the dark street.

“As soon as I came out the door and saw him, it was on.” Butcher said.

A few houses up the block, Butcher was able to catch up with Hogue. He held him until deputies arrived on scene.

“He’s trying to get up, he just wants me to let him go and I’m telling him no. You’re not going anywhere the police are on their way,” Butcher explained.

Hogue told deputies he lives on the same block. He claimed he heard a dog whimpering and he was checking it out.

Butcher doesn’t buy it.

“Those are your daughters. They’re violated. As a father you try to protect them and do everything you can for them and then something like this happens it’s terrible,” Butcher said.

He said his 15- and 16-year-old daughters are still traumatized. The whole family can’t relax in their own home.

Butcher said he plans to put up more lights and security around the house soon.

Article by Charlie Keegan,