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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Fort Myers driver: Two days, two DUI arrests

| Apr 24, 2013 | DUI

A Fort Myers man was arrested after deputies say he drunkenly rear-ended a marked patrol car two times while it was stopped at an intersection. It was his second DUI arrest in 48 hours.

Just after 10:30 p.m. Monday, a Lee County deputy was coming to a stop at the intersection of Crystal Drive and Plantation Road. After she had come to a stop, she was rear-ended by a Honda CRV. When the car stopped from the initial blow, according to the arrest report, it was then struck again by the same vehicle. After that second collision, the deputy got out of her cruiser to make sure that everyone inside the Honda was OK. When she walked up to the car, she found 29-year-old Elliott Gamble.

When the deputy asked if he was injured, the report states that he responded by telling her that he had been drinking, that he wanted to kill himself and that he rammed the patrol car on purpose. At this point, Gamble was placed in the back of another patrol car.

According to the arrest report, as deputies searched his CRV, they found a large bottle of gin, a bottle of vodka and two cans of beer on the seat. Gamble was then placed under arrest.

While deputies were taking Gamble to the Lee County Jail, Gamble told them he was “going to piss himself.” Though the deputies asked him to hold it, the report states that he urinated in the backseat of the vehicle. Inside the jail, Gamble was given a breath test. He blew a .237 and a .243.

During a local background check, deputies found he had been arrested for a DUI in April of 2009 and again on April 20 of this year – two days before this latest arrest. He has been charged with DUI, assault on an officer and property damage.