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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Police seize drugs, arrest five in Fort Myers

| Jul 3, 2013 | Drug Crime, Drug Violations, marijuana, MDMA

Fort Myers police arrested five people and seized several drugs following months-long investigations involving drug sales at three homes.

Detectives made numerous undercover drug purchases from suspects at the homes. On Friday, with assistance of a SWAT team, officers executed three search warrants at the following homes.

At 3312 Jeffcott Street police seized 75 grams of marijuana, some of it packaged for distribution. They also picked up 30 pills of MDMA, packing materials for the distribution of illicit drugs, digital scales and other drug paraphernalia.

Police arrested Raheen Omar Dubose, 27, for possession of marijuana and MDMA with intent to sell and possession of a controlled substance.

At 1928 Ford Street police seized 21 grams of cocaine hydrocloride, 7 grams of marijuana, 40 peieces of crack cocaine and 39 mollies or four grams of MDMA. The residence was declared unlivable by Code Enforcement.

Police arrested Annie Watts, 54, on possesion of MDMA with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a public park; Cynthia Menton, 46, with possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to distribute near a public par; Shan Moore, 43, and Culton Blue, 57, were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

The third search warrant was at 1942 Cox Street. After a SWAT team entered the home, it was discovered that the primary suspect had fled. Arrests are pending in the case.

Source new-press 6/29/13