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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Drug Crime Arrests in Lee County

| Aug 13, 2013 | Drug Crime

Drug Crime Arrests in Lee County- In the past week, there have been twenty drug crime arrests in Lee County according to the Lee County Sheriff’s website. 

The illegal sale, use and distribution of narcotics is recognized as a significant contributor to violent crimes, burglaries and thefts which can dramatically affect the quality of life in our community. Therefore, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office is making every effort to take drugs off the street by targeting individuals who are active participants in this illegal activity. This is being accomplished through aggressive patrol, undercover operations and interagency investigations with local, state, and Federal drug enforcement agencies. Taken from

None of the defendants mentioned on the web page have been convicted of these drug crimes and will all have their day in court to fight their cases.   Of the twenty that arrested, there was a mix of men and women, some of whom were first time offenders.  There was also a combination of felony and misdemeanor drug charges. 

In many of the first time offender cases the hopeful outcome will be the defendant entering into the diversion if the case is not thrown out outright. 

Good People Do Get Arrested for Drug Crimes

Lee County Sheriff’s Office