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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

DUI “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”

| Aug 20, 2013 | DUI

DUI Prevention in Cape Coral

Over the next week and a half the Cape Coral Police Department will be beefing up law enforcement to crack down on DUI arrests.  The website says, “You expect to see a noticeable increase in traffic enforcement during this 2-week period”.  This “Drive Sober or get Pulled over” Campaign is a result of the upcoming holiday.  Law enforcement expects that because of the holiday parties for Labor Day weekend that many people will be drinking and driving. 

“A DUI arrest can be incredibly costly- thousands of dollars in fines and fees, loss of driving privileges, and hours of lost time due to jail, court, probation, and community service.  Not to mention, the potential to injure or kill yourself or someone else and the life-altering consequences that would have.  It’s just not worth it.”- Sergeant Dana Coston, Cape Coral Police Department Public Affairs Officer Cape Coral Police Department

Be safe on the roads and remember not to drink and drive, take a taxi call 239-275-TAXI(8294).  But if you do (against the advice of counsel) and get pulled over for suspicion of  driving under the influence know your rights and demand to speak with your lawyer.  Good People Do Get Arrested