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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Sex Crimes: Indecent Exposure Explored

| Aug 12, 2013 | Sex Crime

On NPR’s review and interview with the author of “Dressing Constitutionally” When Fashion and Laws Collide yesterday the story about a Wal-Mart shopper wearing short shorts was brought up.  The talk show described a man wearing extremely short shorts.  A Wal-Mart customer complained to security and the man was arrested for indecent exposure. 

The case went to court and the accused brought the shorts for evidence.  The gentleman put on the shorts and the judge held up the conviction and stated in open court that the man did not have on underwear and his genitals were in fact exposed.  The short short wearing man did not have to spend any more time behind bars, but did have to pay a fine. 

Indecent exposure in Fort Myers is probably the most common of all sex offenses. Exposing a person’s private parts in any public place, in any place where there are other persons that might be offended or annoyed is considered indecent exposure.

Like many other, even just the charge carries a certain amount of social stigma.  However, the sensitive nature of this offense does not mean that the prosecution has any less of an obligation to prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt. These are not charges to take lightly.

Good People Do Expose Themselves!