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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

16 Year Old Arrested for Sexual Assault

| Oct 2, 2013 | sexual assaut

16 year old Arrested for Sexual Assault with a Weapon

The teenager arrested for sexual assault on September 30, has been in trouble for the same crime.  According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office website, this year the teen has been arrested three times for sexual assault.  The first time he is accused of sexually assault against a person under the age of 12, while the most recent two cases the victim are over the age of 12.  It is not public record if the victim is the same in the two recent cases because the victim is a minor.  The first two times he was arrested he was charged as a juvenile and this latest arrest has been charged as an adult criminal felony.

This may be a case of a disgruntled girlfriend or a girlfriend who was caught by her parents having sex with this teenage boy and claimed rape to avoid getting in trouble with her parents.  Believe it or not this happens quite frequently.  There are so many what ifs in a case like this.  Without being able review the entire discovery, not being attorney of record on the juvenile cases this office does not have access to that information we are unable to come to any conclusions.

He is scheduled to appear in court for the most recent case October 7th where he will be able to enter a plea of guilty or not.