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Good People Do Get Arrested

DUI Strip Search Making Waves

| Oct 3, 2013 | DUI

DUI Strip Search Making Waves

A young woman was charged with a DUI back in May.  After arriving in the LaSalle County Jail she was taken into a padded room and stripped naked by four deputies, three of whom were men.  A strip search is allowable when there is reasonable belief that a person is concealing illegal drugs or weapons.  Her attorney claims that the deputies did not have those reasonable claims, they just stripped her down.

Dana Holmes on the DUI arrest video appeared to be cooperative and complied with the directions of the officers.  The deputy’s claimed that she tried to kick them while she was being patted down.  It is unclear from the jail video if she did in fact try to kick them.  Even if she did attempt to kick them, that did not constitute a strip search, therefore her attorney has filed a lawsuit on her behalf. Holmes feels as though her rights were violated and we agree.

Holmes plead guilty to a DUI and was sentenced to probation.  We will keep an eye out for the outcome of her civil lawsuit.

Here is a link to the video you make your own decision:

Good People Do Get Stripped Searched!