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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

3 Drug Crime Arrests

| Jan 10, 2014 | Drug Crime

Union Parish Sherriff makes three drug-related arrests

Union Parish sheriff’s deputies made three drug-related arrests Tuesday and Wednesday.

Kenneth Webb Young, 37, of Louisiana 2, Lot 00, Sterlington, was charged with theft, damage to property, domestic abuse simple battery, simple battery and simple possession of marijuana. Bond was set at $6,500.

According to Sheriff Dusty Gates, the victim told deputies that she invited Young into her home on Dec. 24 to repair her vehicle. He later asked for $20, but the victim refused, saying Young would use the money to purchase drugs. The victim said that Young then grabbed her purse, removed $50 and threw the purse under her house trailer before pushing her down and kicking her in the chest.

Young was arrested on Tuesday, and police said he had marijuana at the time.

Also on Tuesday, a deputy pulled over a speeding car on Louisiana 2, resulting in the arrest of Alan L. McCallum Jr.

McCallum, 50, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer, obstruction of justice, driving under suspension and speeding. Total bond was set at $6,765.

On Wednesday, deputies arrested Michael J. Barton, 36, of 409 North Main Street, Farmerville. Arriving at his residence to serve a warrant on him for not paying child support, the deputies were shown to Barton’s bedroom by a woman and a 9-year-old boy. The suspect shut his door on them before allowing them inside the room. One of the deputies found an unlabeled medicine bottle containing suspected marijuana.

He was charged with possession of marijuana in the presence of a juvenile, and bond was set at $2,600.

“Good People Do Get Arrested”