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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Sex Offender Wing in NM Prison: Possible New Trend

| Feb 21, 2014 | Sex Offender

A New Mexico state prison has began removing sex offenders out of the general population and providing them with treatment. The prison officials allege that it would be a $37 savings for each inmate and the inmates would be able to have the treatment that they need.

One claim is that these sex offenders during their time imprisoned are subject to abuse by other inmates and spend much of their time in solitary confinement for safety reasons.

The experiment has been going on for a year now with 306 sex offenders moved thus far; the Department of Corrections says that the move is a success. The inmates have begun an 18 month long intensive group therapy program, which otherwise they would not be a part of.

While officials have claimed the move to be a success some of the inmates who have been moved claim the exact opposite. One complaint included lack of educational opportunities. The reason for this was because the correction facility held both federal and state prisoners were not allowed to comingle. Prison officials state that the facility would be expanded to offer an additional library and more visiting spaces.

While most prisoners have a low rate of reoffending their crimes are shocking to say the least, so the treatment of these sex offenders should be the number one goal of prison, state, and federal officials.

New Mexico has appeared to have success in this matter and sex offenders throughout the country could benefit from other state facilities benchmarking from the Otero County Prison Facility in Chaparral.

The goal for these sex offenders is rehabilitation and the hope is when they get out they will become productive members of society and be able to readjust to the outside world seamlessly.

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“Good People Do Get Arrested”