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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Deputies bust meth factory set up at Fort Myers motel

| Apr 9, 2014 | Drug Crime, Drug trafficking, Drug Violations, meth possession

FORT MYERS, FL – Deputies caught three people manufacturing methamphetamine in a Fort Myers motel Tuesday.

A patrol deputy was tipped off about what was going on in Room 270 of theHoward Johnson at 4811 S. Cleveland Avenue and headed to the room to talk to the occupants.

Along the way, the deputy encountered three men in Room 268, who spoke to the deputy with their door wide open and smoke, which had a cleaning chemical-type odor to it, rolling out the door.

The arrest report says the deputy could see a syringe sitting on a refrigerator and a bottle of liquid drain opener. He could also see a clear soda bottle with what appeared to be residue left behind after making meth using the “shake and bake” production method.

The deputy asked about the bottle, and the men, two of whom were later identified as brothers 43-year-old Denny Newman and 42-year-old Gordon Newman, said it belonged to the woman staying in Room 270.

So the deputy knocked on that door and a man opened it. That room also had a strong chemical smell coming from it, according to the arrest report.

Inside, the deputy spotted a plastic bottle that had been cut in half, the inside of which had a white, chalky residue on it consistent with methamphetamine.

The deputy asked the man who opened the door, later identified as 31-year-old Jeremy Mayne, and a woman inside the room about the bottle. Both said they knew nothing about it, but it might belong to a woman staying in Room 272.

So the deputy went to Room 272 and talked to two women inside, both of whom said they had no items in Room 270 except bags of clothing.

The deputy got all those involved out of their respective rooms and turned the investigation over to a narcotics detective.

Items found in rooms 268 and 270 tested positive for meth, according to deputies.

When asked, the brothers said they had let Mayne use their room while they left to go to a shop down the street. They told the detective their mother had rented the room for them

But when deputies went to that shop to check surveillance video to see if they had been there, investigators say the Newmans changed their story a few times.

The sheriff’s office seized 1,473 grams of liquid meth from Room 268, where the brothers were staying, and another 617 grams of liquid meth from Room 270, where they found Mayne..

The Newman brothers and Mayne were arrested on charges of production and trafficking of methamphetamine.

Deputies determined the women were prostitutes and released them.

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