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Good People Do Get Arrested

Holiday Weekend=Ramped Up DUI Patrol

| May 22, 2014 | DUI

Holiday Weekend=Ramped Up DUI Patrol

Memorial Day. A day for remembering and honoring those who died serving our country.

Memorial Day Weekend. Three days of celebration that usually includes some kind of food, some sort of fun, and some type of alcohol. It’s the kick-off of summer and fuels the number of DUIs, underage drinking and other alcohol-related offenses.

Whether you’re boating, barbequing or at the beach, if you’re drinking and driving, you’re taking a risk. Yes, you’re putting the rest of your weekend in jeopardy, but most importantly, you’re putting others, as well as yourself, in harm’s way. Get buzzed on the fireworks instead.

If you’re driving while under the influence, including operating a boat, even if there is no accident, you can face arrest and hefty fees and fines. If an injury or other mishap occurs, the penalties could be even greater and you could become a defendant in a manslaughter case, involved in a large civil suit, and end up guilt-ridden for the rest of your life. It’s just not worth it.

If you know you’re going to drink then plan for it. Finding out DUI check-points and avoiding them is not an option. In advance, designate someone who will not be drinking to be the driver; bring a designated driver; have quick access to phone numbers for Taxi Services or your sober friends; or just don’t drink.

In addition to paying tribute to those who died fighting for our freedom, we also want to thank all of those in the military today who are keeping us free and safe. Remember to be safe and “Good People Do Get Arrested on Holiday Weekends”.

Happy Memorial Day