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Native Americans and Marijuana

Native Americans and Marijuana

Last week the Justice Department announced that they will no longer prosecute the growing or selling marijuana on reservations despite it being illegal in the state in which the reservation is located. The legalization of marijuana will be placed in tribal hands and will vary from reservation to reservation.

The Native American Tribes were not campaigning for the legalization of marijuana, it was quite the opposite. Tribal leaders reached out to the Department of Justice in an effort to gain support of pot bans on reservations in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Alcoholism and drug addiction have damaged many reservations around the country therefore many tribal governments do not want members of the tribe easier access to marijuana.

Since the announcement only three tribes have peeked interest, it is not known which three and there is no plan on making that public at this time.

Could this be another way for tribes to make money? Perhaps they could have weed sleepovers or "weedcations"? They have dominated the gambling scene maybe the next big money maker is weed!

Good Native Americans Do Grow Marijuana.

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