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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

Marijuana News

| Jun 16, 2015 | marijuana

Marijuana News- Unanimous decision in Colorado Courts

Sad news for the pot-smoking workers of Colorado from the Colorado Supreme Court yesterday, Feds have their say. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that marijuana use might be grounds for termination. One of the lawsuits started back in 2010 when a Dish Network employee failed a drug test due to the medical marijuana prescribed by his physician.

The employee was in a serious car accident that left him paralyzed and suffered from spasms. While yes, some jobs should not be performed while high on marijuana or any other drug, perhaps some would not be affected at all (insert common sense). Due to the amount of time, marijuana lingers in a users system it would be hard for an employer to discern if you were high or stoned while working.

With medical marijuana becoming legal in 2000 and legalizing recreational marijuana use 12 years later, one would assume that all the kinks have been worked out. Not so! Federally, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act ( regardless if your doctor wrote you the prescription or you wandered into the Dispensary for recreational use. The people spoke, but the Feds did not hear nor listen.

The residents of Colorado need to decide what rules and regulations they want on their employees, they legalized it, they can figure it out!

Good Pot Heads do Have the Right to Work!