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Good People Do Get Arrested

Office on Meth

| Jun 16, 2015 | meth

Officer on Meth: While transporting a minor to a juvenile facility an on duty police officer crossed the centerline and hit a flat bed truck head on.  It has been reported that the officer had methamphetamine also known by its street name meth was found in his system. 

The minor and driver of the flat bed truck were seriously injured.  Both survived the crash.

Most of the police officers are law-abiding citizens. This story should not shed a negative light on all those that serve this country keeping our streets safe, hopefully it show that police officers are human and make mistakes just like everyone else.  They are all susceptible addiction to meth and other drugs.

The officer was working the night shift and he may have thought a little meth will help me stay awake and finish my shift never knowing how that fateful night would end.  While we do hold those with a badge with having a higher degree of responsibility, please remember that he may have had the same struggles as you or I.  The man lost his life and severely hurt others maybe it was the drugs or maybe he became distracted, we will never know.

Good Officers are Human and Make Judgment Calls.