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March 2018 Archives

Florida IT manager faces white collar crimes charges

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement recently arrested an employee of the Department of Citrus. The 51-year-old IT manager is accused of white collar crimes that involve grand theft of state funds. A spokesperson for the Department of Citrus says suspicious activity by the accused employee gave rise to the investigation.

What are the consequences of violating probation?

Probation is one possible outcome that can occur if the courts convict you of a crime or you plead guilty to criminal charges. Probation sentences carry conditions that you must meet to avoid jail and, in some cases, a criminal record. The type of probation offenders receive is dependent on the type of criminal conviction they receive. Typically, probation sentences for misdemeanor offenses are less harsh than felony community supervision requirements. 

White collar crimes: 2 Nurses accused of defrauding patients

The prospect of spending 60 years behind bars will naturally make anyone seek legal counsel to explore defense options. Two nursing assistants in Florida may face such sentences if they are convicted of committing white collar crimes. They are accused of defrauding two patients of the home care facility by whom they were contracted. The two nurses were arrested after a four-month investigation that followed reports made to the police by family members of the patients.

DUI manslaughter charges follows pickup vs. van crash on I-75

Florida drivers who are accused of impaired driving may face serious charges, especially in accidents that cause serious injury or death. There will be no time to waste, and defense options will likely be the primary concern. This might be the case for a 30-year-old driver who faces DUI manslaughter charges after he allegedly caused a fatality in a recent crash.

Can law enforcement search for drugs during a traffic stop?

If you are a resident of Fort Myers or Cape Coral, Florida, or one of the many “snow birds” who spend substantial time in this part of the country during the winter months, you know that getting pulled over by a law enforcement officer for an alleged traffic offense is not an uncommon occurrence. However, you need to make sure that your traffic stop does not turn into a drug charge as well as one or more traffic tickets.

Alleged impaired boat operator will not face criminal charges

The family of a deceased 22-year-old university graduate who drowned in an airboat accident in Florida last May cannot understand why the operator of the vessel cannot be held responsible for their daughter's death. Prosecutors recently determined that no criminal charges could be brought against the boat operator. This ruling was despite the fact that he allegedly had an excessively high level of THC in his blood, indicating impairment by marijuana.

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