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DUI manslaughter charges follow fatal head-on crash

Being accused of drunk driving and causing the death of someone else can have dire consequences for anyone in Florida. The best step for a driver to take is likely to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. What is said and done immediately after such an arrest can be detrimental in any criminal proceedings that might follow, such as DUI manslaughter charges.

Florida man chugged beer at traffic stop

When the cops pull you over, you want to make sure you do everything possible to avoid a DUI on your record. There are plenty of things you should not do at a DUI traffic stop. You do not want to antagonize the officer, tell the cop how much you had to drink that evening or refuse the breathalyzer test. Apparently, some people also need to know that they should not chug a beer at the stop, but one Florida man did not receive the memo. 

Man on bail for wire fraud accused of committing similar crimes

Federal prosecutors reported that a 26-year-old man was recently detained on new charges while he was on bail for similar charges to which he pleaded guilty in March. He faces money laundering and wire fraud charges for running a fake ticket scheme. One of the complaints involves two people who allege they flew to New York from Florida to attend the 2018 Grammy Awards. However, despite their tickets for which they paid $700 each, they were denied entry when they arrived at the venue.

What are white collar crimes?

In Florida, nonviolent crimes that are theft-related are usually felonies -- depending on the value of funds involved. However, even some less significant cases classified as misdemeanors can have serious consequences. All these crimes are known as white collar crimes, and they are frequently committed in business settings.

Florida woman warns teenagers about drunk driving consequences

A 25-year-old Florida woman speaks at schools to share her tragic story with teen drivers, hoping to convince them that driving while impaired is not cool. She tells them how one night of typical teenage fun back in 2010 -- at 17 years old -- ruined her life. Drunk driving caused the death of her best friend and robbed her of any opportunities to fulfill her dreams.

3 crazy crime stories from Florida

If you read any headlines, you notice that there are a lot of weird criminal acts that occur in Florida. There are some bizarre crimes that seem like they can only happen in the Sunshine State.

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