3 of the most common juvenile crime charges

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Nothing is more nerve-wracking than getting the call that law enforcement has arrested your son or daughter. You would like to imagine that your child is responsible and diligent enough to avoid run-ins with the law, but this may not always be the case. This does not mean that a kid is bad—or that he or she is guilty. It is important to address the situation realistically and understand your options. 

Building a solid defense is the best way to protect your child’s future. In most cases, juveniles face misdemeanor charges, and you can fight such charges in court. 

1. Drug possession

Many teens find themselves experimenting with drugs and alcohol for the first time when they are in high school. This can be due to peer pressure or burgeoning curiosity. It is important to have a discussion with kids about the risks of drugs, but they may get into trouble before you have the chance to do so, or they may disregard your words of caution. Take care of the legal problem and then address the root of the issue.

2. Simple assault

Simple assault is yet another common charge that teens and kids might find themselves slapped with. Such a charge can stem from a range of situations, including incidents at school. If your child struggles with anger issues, this could be an important opportunity to talk with him or her about dealing with these feelings in a healthy way. In the meantime, however, you should ensure your child has a solid defense.

3. Theft

It is not uncommon for kids to act out in minor ways in order to test boundaries and see what they can get away with. This becomes increasingly common when kids enter adolescence. One way that this impulse might manifest is in stealing or shoplifting. Petty theft is a charge that many juveniles face each year.