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White collar crimes charges follow alleged SNAP fraud

A Florida woman recently pleaded guilty to federal charges of SNAP fraud. A program that was previously known as the Food Stamp program and later changed to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a federally run program to assist individuals and families with low incomes by providing money to buy food. The Florida Department of Children and Families says the funds are strictly redeemable on essential food products only, although some white collar crimes cases involve SNAP fraud.

Juvenile crimes: Don't let the term petty theft fool you

Regardless of background or upbringing, teenagers in Florida could become involved in unsavory activities. Peer pressure could be powerful, and many young ones have faced charges of juvenile crimes because they were conned into the belief that stealing something like a Snickers bar is petty theft, which is as insignificant as it sounds. However, the consequences can be all but petty. Any type of theft is a crime that society considers as immoral or unacceptably dishonest, and as such, it can count against a suspect of petty theft in many ways -- including having to reveal this record in job applications in the future.

DUI: Suspected drunk driver caught with magic mushrooms and pot

Florida drivers whose driving seems erratic or reckless stand the risk of being reported to authorities. What follows could have an adverse impact on their lives. This was what happened when a 46-year-old Plantation man took to the Overseas Highway on a recent Saturday and he was pulled over for suspected DUI.

Drunk driving charges come in various levels of severity

Driving while impaired risks not only the life of the driver but also his or her passengers and other road users. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a driver to think his or her blood alcohol level is below the legal limit. While a Florida driver might think a drunk driving charge could be the worst thing that could happen, certain things can aggravate DUI charges to make them even worse.

Driver suspected of drunk driving kills 2, injures 2

The consequences of driving while impaired can be severe, especially if lives are lost in the process. A 36-year-old Florida man might be well advised to seek legal counsel because he will likely have to face drunk driving charges. When a person suspects that he or she might be arrested, it is usually a good idea to be proactive and secure the services of an attorney.

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