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Juvenile crimes: Don't let the term petty theft fool you

Regardless of background or upbringing, teenagers in Florida could become involved in unsavory activities. Peer pressure could be powerful, and many young ones have faced charges of juvenile crimes because they were conned into the belief that stealing something like a Snickers bar is petty theft, which is as insignificant as it sounds. However, the consequences can be all but petty. Any type of theft is a crime that society considers as immoral or unacceptably dishonest, and as such, it can count against a suspect of petty theft in many ways -- including having to reveal this record in job applications in the future.

When it comes to convictions, even first offenders can be harshly punished. Circumstances will determine whether a lenient sentence -- such as a juvenile diversion program, community service or probation -- will apply, or a fine and a possible one-year jail sentence. However, when it comes to repeat offenders, even of the same petty theft crimes, punishment can be significantly more severe.

Then there is the Three Strikes Law that intends to discourage habitual offenders. Under this law, a third-time conviction after two prior convictions activates a third-strike mandatory jail sentence -- and it could be as severe as 25 years to life. An example is a man who stole a pair of socks costing $2.50, and his sentence included a $2,500 fine and life in prison -- it was his third conviction after two prior robbery convictions.

Anyone in Florida who is accused of juvenile crimes that involve petty theft might be advised to seek the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Having legal counsel in one's corner from the onset can ensure the protection of legal rights, and the lawyer can explain the available options. An attorney can advocate for the juvenile while working to secure the most favorable outcome.

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