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Mail fraud charges follow alleged tampering with school grades

A Florida woman is accused of taking advantage of her position as a school counselor to benefit her children. She was formally charged when a federal grand jury in another state recently indicted her. The grand jury determined that there is an adequate basis for bringing six counts of mail fraud against the woman.

The changing face of crime in Fort Myers

In Fort Myers, Florida, violent crime has always been an issue, just like many other cities throughout the country. A multitude of factors contributes to this situation, which requires a host of different strategies to solve the problem.

Hotel guests found in possession of 95 pounds of marijuana

Two international tourists who say they came to Florida for a three-day visit were taken into custody on a recent Saturday. According to court documents, the arrest took place at the hotel where they were staying. Authorities say the men were found with a significant amount of marijuana in their possession, and they are now facing drug trafficking charges.

What bad faith tactics might your insurance use against you?

If you get into a car accident, you exchange information with the other driver, contact law enforcement and call your insurance company. After the investigation, your insurer issues you a check for the damage. It really should be that simple, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately for you and many other Florida residents, it isn’t always that easy to get compensation from insurers.

Drug charges filed against alleged drive-thru operators

Police in Ocala became suspicious when four people suffered drug overdoses in a particular area. An investigation ensued that ultimately led to the arrest of a Florida couple who is now facing several drug charges. Reportedly, an undercover police officer made a controlled substance purchase at the house that was suspected to be the origin of drugs that led to the overdoses.

Is a drug rehabilitation program more effective than prison?

Millions of Americans are affected by drug abuse, and some of those addicted turn to illegal activities to obtain the drugs they need. Imprisonment is often the penalty someone faces for involvement with illicit drugs—but there may be another option, especially for a first-time offender: drug rehabilitation.

Alleged DUI driver hides under bridge after jumping into ocean

A 31-year-old Florida man was picked up by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission boat from where he was allegedly hiding from deputies after he jumped into the ocean. A spokesperson for the sheriff's department says this incident took place after a high-speed chase in the early morning hours of a recent Friday. The man was taken into custody, and he now faces several charges, including DUI, resisting arrest and property damage.

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