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Two nuns accused of embezzlement to fund gambling

When times are tough, some people in Florida and elsewhere might succumb to the temptation to take funds from their employers with the intention of putting it back when times improve. However, in some embezzlement cases, it is not so easy to explain the motivation. People in Florida might be interested in a case in which two nuns in another state face criminal charges for allegedly misappropriating funds of a Catholic school to finance their gambling habits.

Sobriety checkpoints in Florida

When driving down the road in Florida, a police officer needs reasonable suspicion of DUI or another breach of law to stop you. However, this is not the case when it comes to sobriety checkpoints, where officers can stop any driver and DUI charges may ensue.

Drug crimes: 3 arrested after search of "drug house"

Three Florida residents were recently arrested at a house in Clearwater. Police officers say the arrests were made after they discovered a drug house run by the three individuals. The three are accused of multiple drug crimes after a search warrant was executed at the property.

Alleged drunk driving teacher faces criminal charges

In Florida and across the country, it is unacceptable to drive while impaired. Those in certain professions -- teachers, for example -- may find that being accused of drunk driving may threaten their professional livelihoods. With so much on the line, a teacher facing such accusations should waste no time in securing legal counsel.

Elementary school principle accused of insurance fraud

Sometimes, personal hardships move people to commit white-collar crimes that they would not even have considered if times were not so tough and their survival was not challenged. Such circumstances might have led to the insurance fraud committed by an elementary school principal in Florida. The chief financial officer of Florida says the man filed false claims with State Farm Insurance in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma that hit Florida in 2017.

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