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Escaped teens accused of committing juvenile crimes

Following an investigation in Orlando, Florida police arrested three teenagers -- two of whom had apparently escaped from a Fort Myers halfway house. Reportedly, two youths, ages 15 and 18, escaped and traveled to Orlando in a stolen vehicle where they met up with the twin brother of the 18-year-old. The three teens then allegedly engaged in several juvenile crimes in Orlando.

3 Cape Coral teenagers arrested for juvenile theft

Following an investigation that continued for longer than a month, Cape Coral police arrested the third of three Florida teenagers who allegedly broke into vehicles and then went for joyrides. Among other charges, they are now facing charges of juvenile theft. The alleged theft of a pickup truck in December gave rise to the launch of the investigation.

Do you have the right to refuse a search of your car?

When you leave your driveway and head out onto the open road, you usually do not have to worry about encountering the police. If you do find yourself pulled over beside the road, however, how you act may affect your future. That is, you may need to assert your legal rights to protect your liberty. 

White collar crimes: What makes money laundering illegal?

For Florida residents to avoid being pulled into money laundering schemes, they need to understand its concept. Money laundering activities are white collar crimes that involve moving criminally derived funds through financial institutions or other businesses to hide their origins. The people involved then reclaim the money, which is now clean because it has been laundered. These acts are criminalized to stop people profiting from them.

What is Disorderly Intoxication?

There is a common misconception that when it comes to alcohol consumption, the only risk involves getting behind the steering wheel. Unfortunately, some Fort Myers area tourists and residents learn the hard way after receiving a disorderly intoxication charge. There are limits to what they can legally do, especially with the involvement of alcohol. 

White collar crimes: Beware of unsolicited emails and job offers

Being tricked into becoming a money launderer can happen to anyone in Florida. An unsuspicious person could agree to the tricks of scammers without realizing that they are committing white collar crimes. Money mules are typically conned into processing money that was illegally obtained through legitimate sources to prevent law enforcement linking it to crimes.

DUI manslaughter charges follow 2 Christmas Day deaths

Despite the increased presence of law enforcement on the Florida highways during the holidays, lives continue to be lost in crashes that involve drunk drivers. A West Palm Beach resident was charged with DUI manslaughter while he was fighting for his life in a medical center. This followed a fatal crash on Christmas Day.

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