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Can participating in drug court help keep you out of prison?

In many cases, Florida residents who face drug-related criminal charges probably would not have found themselves in their current situations had they not had drug habits they needed to support. Often, drug addiction and criminal activity go hand in hand. If you struggle with an addiction that makes you behave in ways you otherwise would not, drug court may give you your best chance at success.

Juvenile crimes charges: Can exculpatory evidence help?

Teenagers in Florida can get up to all kinds of mischief during the summer break. Sometimes, what starts as mischief leads to crime, and before long, they face juvenile crimes charges. The accused teens will likely realize the gravity of the situation and seek legal counsel immediately.

It's not just juvenile crimes that spike in summer

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, crime rates nationwide, including Florida, spike during the warmer months each year. Although some people may think that juvenile crimes during the summer break cause this increase, they are not the only reason. The study shows that while the overall crime rates have decreased significantly over the years, the seasonal spike continues, showing an increase of up to 12% each summer.

DUI arrests must have reasonable suspicion and probable cause

Many people who receive DUI charges in the Fort Myers area believe they have few or limited defense options to help overcome their situations. Several factors unknown by the public can affect the outcome of drunk driving or driving while under the influence charges, like probable cause and reasonable suspicion. If you find yourself facing similar charges, you have nothing to lose by fighting them. A proper defense can uncover issues that may invalidate your arrest and require the courts to drop the charges against you. 

What are some of the consequences of drunk driving?

It is a crime to drive while impaired in Florida and all other states because it endangers the lives of the intoxicated driver, his or her passengers and the public. Being convicted for drunk driving can ruin a person's future. However, a conviction can only occur if, and when, the prosecution can prove the driver's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Until then, he or she will remain innocent in the eyes of the law.

DUI and other drinking crimes not to be seen as summer fun

Summer is the time for many students to escape from classes and studies and focus on fun and freedom. Unfortunately, peer pressure and other factors cause many teenagers in Fort Myers to show their ability to consume large amounts of alcohol. They spend fun-filled days at outdoor events, BBQs and on sunny Florida beaches. Some of them get carried away by the excitement and overlook the fact that drinking and driving on the road or the water can lead to DUI charges.

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