Recognizing the signs of concussion

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents cause more injuries than you might realize. Especially in cases of high-speed collisions, you need to consider your risk of serious internal injuries, concussion and soft tissue damage. The CDC reports that motor vehicle accidents cause approximately 17 percent of all traumatic brain injury deaths.

Recognizing the warning signs of a concussion can help you seek treatment when necessary.

Physical symptoms

Some of the earliest physical symptoms of a concussion are physical. If you have a severe headache following your accident and your typical pain relievers do not ease the discomfort, you may have a concussion. Ringing in your ears, blurry vision and nausea or vomiting also indicate the potential for concussion. Some patients develop a sensitivity to light and noise with concussion symptoms.

Psychological symptoms

Concussions affect your cognitive abilities and psychological condition as well. Confusion, memory loss and anger can develop following a concussion. You might feel hazy or disconnected, as though you are unclear about what is actually happening around you.

Severe symptoms

Patients with severe concussions may lose consciousness. Dizziness can cause instability and coordination issues, which may lead to a fall and subsequent injuries as well. Sometimes concussions make it difficult to process auditory information, leading to delayed responses and confusion in conversation or a lack of general awareness.

The sooner you recognize the symptoms of concussion, the sooner you can seek treatment. Early intervention is important, especially when you need your injuries documented in case of a personal injury suit. Be proactive about caring for your health and then consider your options for a claim.