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Drug charges: Driver claims she was unaware of meth on front seat

A 22-year-old Florida woman was arrested when authorities pulled her vehicle over as she was on her way to fetch her boyfriend upon his release from jail. According to authorities, the woman was a known offender for driving with a revoked or suspended license. Law enforcement reportedly executed the traffic stop at around midnight on a recent Wednesday -- a stop that led to drug charges.

Former teacher awaits sentencing for drug crimes

A 37-year-old former Florida school teacher was recently found guilty by a jury in a case that involved multiple charges related to possession and selling of drugs to students at the middle school where she worked. Reportedly, she could be sentenced to as many as 35 years in prison for various drug crimes. According to court documents, investigations into the alleged crimes commenced in Dec. 2017.

Fort Myers man accused of weapons and drug crimes

Tips provided to the Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers led to an investigation into the activities of a man from North Fort Myers. The tips implicated the 65-year-old man in drug crimes that involved possession and dealing. The Lee County Sheriff's office responded by launching an investigation into the alleged drug deals by its undercover narcotics unit.

Drug charges and other crimes filed after gang-related arrests

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. Marshals Service led an operation along with Lee County Sheriff's Office and the police departments of Fort Myers and Cape Coral in an effort to reduce gang-related violence. They called it Operation Triple Beam, and after three months, it led to the arrest of 120 individuals. Along with drug charges, other charges were filed for a range of high-profile crimes.

Drug charges: Many unanswered questions about CBD and hemp

On July 1, it became legal in Florida to use CBD and hemp products that contain small amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol, generally referred to as THC. It is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. The language of the legislation sets the maximum limit of THC at .3 %, but law enforcement has no way to determine the percentage of THC in these products. Until it can be accurately measured, people who committed no crimes might face drug charges.

Drug possession: What constitutes a probation violation?

Judges in Florida have a degree of discretion when it comes to sentencing in a criminal court. Sentences can range from prison time, community service, fines and probation. Probation is a period of supervision by a probation officer, ordered by a court for crimes such as drug possession instead of prison time. Violation of probation could have severe consequences.

Nearly 60 people face Florida drug charges, more arrests expected

A six-month investigation on federal, state and local levels into fentanyl and crystal meth trafficking along Florida's east coast culminated in almost 60 arrests. The drug charges include drug trafficking and racketeering. The county sheriff noted that the volume of fentanyl that was seized could kill everybody in the county.

Florida high school student faces possession charges

With teenagers' easy access for all to marijuana-related products, many Florida schools have to deal with associated problems. In a recent incident, an 18-year-old teen was arrested and put behind bars for alleged possession of contraband. The teen was arrested on the property of the high school.

Charges on drug crimes and other offenses follow crosswalk crash

Investigators are puzzled by the actions of a Florida driver after a pedestrian was struck in a crosswalk in Broward County last month. The driver now faces several charges for drug crimes and other offenses. Officials say the incident was recorded on surveillance cameras, and this led to the driver's surrender to authorities.

High-speed chase in Florida leads to drug charges

A high-speed chase in Florida ended when the stolen car crashed and rolled over. The occupants were medically cleared at the scene, and a search of the vehicle led to several drug charges. The incident occurred on a recent Tuesday when deputies in Polk County noticed a suspected stolen car as it pulled into McDonald's. Reportedly, the driver of the stolen vehicle backed up and rammed into the patrol car when he saw the flashing emergency lights behind him.

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