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Juvenile Crimes Archives

Avoid juvenile crimes charges during spring break

Many students in Florida have likely made plans for spring break. This is the time when they can do whatever they want, and at this age, with all the newly found freedom, partying might be high on the list. However, rules and laws during spring break are as strict as any other time, and disregarding restrictions might lead to juvenile crimes charges with devastating consequences.

Juvenile crimes charges filed for alleged cyberbullying

The prevalence of cyberbullying was underscored by a criminology professor at a Florida university following the arrest of two teenagers. They face charges for such juvenile crimes after the suicide of a 12-year-old girl in early January. The professor, who is also a director at a research center for cyberbullying, says about one-third of children nationwide are victimized in this way. Furthermore, approximately 12 percent admit to having bullied others online.

Juvenile crimes: 2 teens arrested after drug deal goes wrong

Teenagers in Florida who get involved in criminal activities may not realize that they may be putting their futures on the line. Juvenile crimes can impact a person's chances of further studies, securing gainful employment, renting apartments and more. Two teenagers were recently arrested by officers of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

ATM client shows criminal mischief charges not only for juveniles

What most people can only dream of happened to a man in Florida. While he withdrew cash from an auto teller at a Wells Fargo branch in Cocoa, there was no end to the money that the ATM provided. His reaction, and what followed, is proof that it is not only juveniles that can be charged with criminal mischief.

Tainting teachers' smoothies -- criminal mischief or not?

Teachers at a middle school in Florida have had two incidents in which students poured chemical substances into their smoothies. The three students that were allegedly involved have been suspended, and their enrollments at the school have been canceled. Authorities are still figuring out whether these were acts of criminal mischief or more serious juvenile crimes.

Juvenile crimes: Civil citations underutilized

Lawmakers in Florida and across the country believe that prison and the company of adult criminals are not the best places for children. Their opinion is that aberrant behavior in most minors can be rehabilitated if caught at a young age. For that reason, accusations of juvenile crimes are treated in a different way than charges for adults under the criminal justice system.

Juvenile crimes -- can they be expunged?

Any youth in Florida who became involved in criminal activities, even insignificant infractions, may suffer consequences as he or she grows older and enters the job market. Criminal records of anybody is readily available on the internet, and even a once-off misstep could jeopardize a person's future. This is where it may be wise to explore the possibility to expungement of criminal records related to juvenile crimes.

3 tips for keeping kids away from drugs

South Florida communities such as Fort Myers and Cape Coral are known as welcoming places to live and raise families. According to a report from the Sun Sentinel, though, there may be another reputation threatening to take over: an opioid epidemic that is claiming the lives of hundreds in the area.

Florida’s underage drinking laws

If your child has been charged with underage drinking, you may be confused about what Florida’s laws are concerning the crime. We at the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey realize the stress that parents feel in these situations and are here to help you understand the laws and penalties that your child may be facing.

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