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Fort Myers Criminal Law Blog

Drug crimes: 8-year-old found in company of alleged drug dealers

Convictions on any charges in Florida can have a severe impact on any person's life. If they are convicted, this might also be the case for a man and woman who were arrested on a recent Saturday night. The severity of their drug crimes accusations is exacerbated by the fact that they had an 8-year-old child with them when they were allegedly involved in a drug transaction.

An arrest record indicates that a 27-year-old man and a female companion were arrested after supplying a confidential informant with crack cocaine in exchange for $200. Reportedly, this transaction took place in a parking lot around midnight on a recent Saturday. The informant who paid for the drugs claims he saw the child in the rear seat of the car when the exchange took place through the open car window.

Florida businessman facing investment fraud charges

A Florida based businessman, the founder of a private-equity firm, was recently arrested following allegations of investors being swindled out of $19 million over a 12-year period. Federal prosecutors say he faces investment fraud charges for allegedly conning investors into buying stock shares in companies that deal in insurance, gems and self-storage projects from Jan. 2005 through Sept. 2017. According to a federal affidavit, the defendant claimed he took no salary and guaranteed returns on investments.

The document further indicates that the investors were under the impression that their funds would go toward marketing and sales. However, it is alleged that a significant portion of the investor funds that the defendant raised was illegally appropriated for personal use by him and his co-conspirators. A portion of these funds was allegedly also used to further the fraud scheme.

Florida man charged with possession of new or legend drug

Any person who is charged with drug crimes in Florida will likely grasp the seriousness of the situation. A criminal charge of possession of drugs is filed if a person is caught in possession of controlled substances or prescription drugs without the necessary prescription authorizing the person to have the drugs. Such charges could lead to harsh fines and possible jail time along with a reputation that is ruined.

A 30-year-old man was recently stopped for a traffic violation, and when the officer detected a familiar odor of marijuana in the car, a probable cause search was conducted. The search yielded a plastic wrapper that contained a round pill and a jewelry bag containing three oval pills. Law enforcement presumed the pills included one new legend drug called Ketorolac, one Hydrocodone tablet and two Loritab pills.

Parents, do not believe these 3 myths about college drinking

Whether you just sent your kids back to college or you have a senior in high school, you need to prepare for the college partying scene. It is no secret that things can get wild on and off campus, but you want to avoid getting that dreaded phone call to bail your child after an arrest.

Become familiar with the truth about the laws concerning alcohol and discuss these myths with your child so he or she can make smart decisions about drinking.

Juvenile crimes -- can they be expunged?

Any youth in Florida who became involved in criminal activities, even insignificant infractions, may suffer consequences as he or she grows older and enters the job market. Criminal records of anybody is readily available on the internet, and even a once-off misstep could jeopardize a person's future. This is where it may be wise to explore the possibility to expungement of criminal records related to juvenile crimes.

If the court orders an expungement, arrests or criminal convictions will be sealed -- not erased. This means that it will only be unavailable for individuals who want to do background checks. It will remain available to law enforcement; however, the person whose criminal records were expunged will not be obliged to provide full disclosure when applying for employment or accommodation.

Florida man to be extradited to face mail fraud charges

A man, formerly from another state, was recently arrested in Florida. Federal prosecutors in his former home state reported that the 57-year-old man of an address in Pompano Beach who was indicted in August is facing mail fraud and conspiracy charges. It is alleged that he was involved in a fraud scheme valued at $50 million.

The indictment indicates that the accused man was the co-founder of a business that did telemarketing in the other state. According to authorities, the company provided cleaning materials and light bulbs to facilities like government offices, churches, nonprofits, businesses and schools. It is alleged that the customers were charged for goods that were never ordered.

Truck driver faces drunk driving charges for fatal January crash

On Jan. 22, a 61-year-old Florida man lost his life in a road accident. In the same crash, his 56-year-old wife and 31-year-old son also died. Now, almost nine months later, a 31-year-old Ocala man has been arrested for causing the fatal drunk driving accident. Reportedly, the deceased man was a congressional candidate in 2016.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol report, the alleged drunk driver was traveling west on State Road 326 in Marion County on Jan. 22. He apparently lost control of the tow truck he was operating. He drove off the roadway and collided with the SUV of the deceased driver after first striking two mailboxes. The tow truck belonged to a towing company.

What you need to know about aggravated DUIs in Florida

DUI charges need to be taken seriously as they can have multiple repercussions not limited to the specific criminal penalty. Aggravated DUI charges may result in increased penalties and sometimes even felony charges.

If you're facing aggravated DUI charges, consulting with a qualified defense attorney can give you a clearer view of your options under your particular circumstances. In the meantime, an overview of how aggravated DUI charges work can provide you with a basic understanding of this topic.

Wire fraud involving fake IRS reps leads to jail sentence

A Florida man was recently sentenced after he admitted to conning unsuspecting victims out of approximately $150,000. Reportedly, the man pleaded guilty to a wire fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft. Along with co-conspirators, the men apparently pretended to be IRS representatives when they contacted consumers and convinced them they had to pay fees and back due taxes.

Court documents show that the scam continued for about three years. Federal prosecutors indicate that the man's co-conspirators made telephone calls to victims and convinced them to make payments for owed monies. These amounts were then paid into bank accounts and prepaid debit cards belonging to the conspirators.

Woman accused of drunk driving had unrestrained toddler in car

Failing a breathalyzer test is likely any driver's worst nightmare. When there is also an unrestrained toddler in the car, it could lead to even more severe charges. Florida drivers who are arrested for drunk driving may not know what will happen next and how to defend him or herself against the accusations. Fortunately, nobody needs to do this without help.

The sheriff's office in Palm Beach County reports receiving a call from the driver of a tow truck who claimed he saw a car swerving across the road, narrowly avoiding collisions with four other vehicles. A deputy who responded to the call located the vehicle and pulled the 31-year-old driver over. When he approached the vehicle, he allegedly became aware of an alcohol smell and also saw an unrestrained toddler in the rear seat of the car.

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