No joke: 12-year-old boy arrested for clown threats

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2016 | Juvenile Crimes

A Fort Myers TV station reports that a 12-year-old Florida boy who lives north of here has been arrested for making “clown threats.”

He is charged with the second-degree felony of terroristic threatening, WBBH-TV reports.

Law enforcement officials said the threat was made online and was directed toward students of the Seven Springs Middle School in New Port Richey, about 150 miles due north of Fort Myers. Deputies said the threat was made using the image of a clown.

As you might know, there have been numerous reports of “scary clowns” around the nation. It appears that in many cases, the threats are made by youngsters who hope to be funny.

In the Florida case, the boy allegedly threatened to kill kids at the middle school. He apparently posted the threat in a music app.

After his arrest, the boy reportedly told deputies that he was merely making a joke. The county sheriff left no doubt that no one in his department is laughing.

He said his office has “zero tolerance” for threats of violence made against children, schools or anyone or anywhere else.

“If you threaten people in our community, that line in the sand is drawn,” he said.

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