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Spotlighting DUI data relevant to Florida

Legislators, safety regulators and law enforcement agencies across Florida unquestionably endorse DUI-linked data relevant to the state that was recently released by a national drug testing company.

Its bottom line: From a national perspective, Florida does not flash prominent warning signals for the number of drunk drivers on its streets and freeways.

What happens if I get a traffic ticket out of state?

Chilly northern winters often drive residents to southern states like Florida to bask in the warmer weather and get away from the dangerous and depressing icy conditions of their home state. However, just because you’ve visiting Florida for the winter season doesn’t mean you’re immune from getting a traffic ticket.


Some special considerations relevant to the juvenile justice realm

Many readers of our criminal defense blog posts in Southwest Florida and elsewhere across the state likely have children. And they were of course kids themselves once.

Which speaks to insight. Namely, it breeds a sharp understanding of parents that their children are far from presently being the fully evolved adults that they will one day become.

A catchy slogan with adverse consequences for some drivers

Safety regulators and criminal law authorities work hard to capture the attention of motorists concerning various enforcement campaigns they periodically roll out across the country.

One standard tactic is to work with marketers skilled in conjuring memorable phrases and images that readily resonate with drivers. The underlying rationale of the successive initiatives that seek to put motorists quickly on notice is that a short and punchy mantra will do the trick: If drivers see it, they will heed it.

The legal limit is not the same for everyone

Most adults understand that the legal limit is 0.08. This means that anyone with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.08% legally cannot drive a vehicle. However, this limit is not the same for everyone.

For those under age 21, even possessing alcohol is against the law. This is why almost any detectable amount of alcohol in an underage driver’s system can result in severe consequences.

Breathalyzers used in DUI cases are unerringly accurate, right?

Readers of our Fort Myers criminal defense blog at the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey know a loaded question when they see one. We are confident that most visitors to our website harbor reasoned doubts regarding today’s above-posed headline entry and any claim that a blood-alcohol testing device is precisely accurate in every instance.

In fact, there is a veritable mountain of evidence – carefully researched and tested findings from many sources – to suggest otherwise.

3 Common crimes committed by college students

Sending your kid off to college can be both relieving and stressful. While college is a time for your young adult to explore their freedom and experience new things, they may also face temptations and challenges. And sometimes, indulging in those temptations can have serious and life-changing consequences.


Drug charges: Driver claims she was unaware of meth on front seat

A 22-year-old Florida woman was arrested when authorities pulled her vehicle over as she was on her way to fetch her boyfriend upon his release from jail. According to authorities, the woman was a known offender for driving with a revoked or suspended license. Law enforcement reportedly executed the traffic stop at around midnight on a recent Wednesday -- a stop that led to drug charges.

Officers say the woman was questioned, and when she stepped out of the vehicle, she admitted that her license had been revoked since last August. During questioning, the deputy allegedly noticed the floorboard and the seat of the pickup truck were covered with a crystal-like substance, along with a torn plastic baggie. The vehicle was searched, and the crystals apparently tested positive for methamphetamine.

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