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Good People Do Get Arrested

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Good People
Do Get Arrested

Being Arrested
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Good People Do Get Arrested

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The U.S. Constitution provides that all citizens have a right to pursue liberty, justice and happiness. We all have the right to a fair trial by a jury of peers, the right to remain silent and the right to have legal counsel in any criminal defense matter. As trial lawyers based in Fort Myers, the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey strongly believes in protecting the rights upon which our country was founded.

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You Are Not Alone

When you have been arrested for or charged with any criminal offense, you feel intimidated, confused and anxious. The system is designed to do just that, the police and the prosecutors are not looking for a way to help you. Rather, you are facing prosecutors with years of experience. The Florida criminal justice system has significant resources it puts behind each and every case. Just remember, when the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey is on your side, you are never alone.

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  • Help navigate you through the system
  • Mount a strong defense on your behalf
  • Make sure your rights are protected every step of the way

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