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Fighting Back Against DUI Charges

Charges involving driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs need to be taken seriously. Convictions on charges like these involve stiff fines, the loss of your driver’s license, potential jail time and a scar on your permanent record. Resolving matters after the fact may not be possible in all cases, which is why it’s important to address legal matters right away.

At the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey, we provide aggressive, dedicated legal representation for people all over Fort Myers, and Hendry, Glades, Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties. We have a long list of satisfied clients who have received favorable verdicts in numerous criminal defense cases, including traffic violations and DUI cases. We know what’s at stake and how to protect you from the consequences that accompany a conviction.

Comprehensive DUI Defense Strategies

Founding attorney Scott T. Moorey has been dedicated to defending the rights of motorists in Florida for nearly 20 years. He and his partner, Lance W. Dunford, have dedicated their careers to helping those accused of DUI and other criminal traffic violations, including charges of:

We will thoroughly review your DUI case to determine the facts before laying out all of your options. Because we understand the do’s and don’ts in a traffic stop, we can determine if police overstepped their boundaries and when charges should be dropped. If you’ve been wrongfully arrested, you need a DUI lawyer who will make every effort to get the charges against you dismissed and get your record expunged.

Talk To Attorneys Who Understand What You’re Up Against

Whether this is your first brush with the criminal justice system or you are facing a habitual offender or felony DUI charge, you do not have to go through this process alone. Contact the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey to discuss your case, your rights and your options. Call 239-603-6312 or send us an email to set up a free initial consultation today. We have offices in Fort Myers and Naples and serve Hendry, Glades, Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties.