Teens charged in Lee County robberies

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2016 | Juvenile Crimes

Few things are as frightening for parents as a phone call from a Fort Myers police station. Two sets of parents recently experienced that when their teenagers were accused of robbing a Lee County bank and auto parts store.

While the boy is 19 years old, the girl is just 17, police said. In Florida, those arrested before the age of 18 are typically charged as a juvenile. We do not yet know if that will be the case in this situation.

Both teens ran away from homes in Ohio, according to a Channel 2 news report.

Law enforcement officials say the girl was armed when she robbed the auto parts store. The news article made no mention of whether the boy is also accused of having a gun.

Police also say they have bank surveillance video that shows the girl inside at the time of the alleged robbery.

For parents whose children face charges as juveniles, a criminal defense attorney experienced in juvenile crime matters can protect your child’s rights and freedom.

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  • Drug possession (including prescription drug possession)
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When charges against a child are filed in the adult criminal justice system, the stakes are often much higher for a defendant.

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