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Good People Do Get Arrested

DUI charges? Mistakes to avoid during a field sobriety test

| Jul 25, 2017 | DUI

Any driver can be pulled off the road in a traffic stop in Florida. If law enforcement suspects a driver of DUI, a field sobriety test may be requested. If the driver is sober, he or she might be anxious to demonstrate that, and if a person was driving under the influence of alcohol, the prospect of being charged might cause undue anxiety. Doing what the officer orders while under such stress can be difficult, but there are certain errors that a driver must try to avoid during a field sobriety test.

The most important thing not to do is to fall over — even if it takes every bit of concentration. Balance is an integral part of most of the tests the driver will be requested to perform, and staying upright is essential. Fear of the consequences sometimes makes drivers flee the scene or run off — to their own detriment as an arrest is sure to follow.

Remembering the alphabet is not only for school kids because the police will likely ask suspected drunk drivers to recite their ABCs. Then there will be those balancing tricks where concentration may help — walking the line and standing on one leg are things that were much easier to do years ago, but if one’s freedom is on the line, falling over would not be helpful. Doing exactly what the police officer requests, and nothing extra to prove a point, is all that may be necessary to be allowed to continue the trip.

However, drivers who fall victim to field sobriety tests in Florida and land up facing DUI charges need not take it lying down. Experienced drunk driving defense attorneys are available to help. A lawyer can scrutinize the procedures used by officers during the traffic stop, including any field sobriety test. If any irregularities took place, it could be addressed in court.

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