White collar crimes charges may follow theft of medical records

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

Reportedly, some 15,000 documents were stolen from the records of a plastic surgeon in another state. The type of information that can be gained from the files of cosmetic surgeons nationwide, including in Florida, can be damaging to the patients, many of whom may be celebrities. In this case, the surgeon confirmed that many of the stolen documents contained personal information about famous personalities. A former employee is a suspect in this possible case of white collar crimes.

Reportedly, the employee was a suspect in an embezzlement investigation that led to her resignation. The surgeon said she claimed to have lost the office cell phone, but it was later found at a storage facility, at which time the theft of medical records was also discovered. Furthermore, after unlocking the recovered cell phone, more privacy breaches are said to have become evident.

These included personal phone numbers, addresses and credit card details of various celebrities. In addition, the phone contained many images of patients showing before and after photos, and even pictures taken during the procedures. The fact that it was evident that many of these images had been shared on social media and text platforms is even more alarming.

Facing charges of white collar crimes can be detrimental to the future of an accused individual in Florida. Even if a conviction is not obtained, the person’s future career opportunities may be jeopardized . Even before charges are filed, it may be wise to secure the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can launch an independent investigation on which to base a criminal defense in court.

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