Wire fraud involving fake IRS reps leads to jail sentence

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

A Florida man was recently sentenced after he admitted to conning unsuspecting victims out of approximately $150,000. Reportedly, the man pleaded guilty to a wire fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft. Along with co-conspirators, the men apparently pretended to be IRS representatives when they contacted consumers and convinced them they had to pay fees and back due taxes.

Court documents show that the scam continued for about three years. Federal prosecutors indicate that the man’s co-conspirators made telephone calls to victims and convinced them to make payments for owed monies. These amounts were then paid into bank accounts and prepaid debit cards belonging to the conspirators.

The man who was sentenced then arranged the fraudulent registration of the debit cards in the names of real people. He would then let the co-conspirators use those scam-funded cards to buy money orders. His next step was to specify bank accounts into which the others had to deposit the money orders. Along with 40 months behind bars, this man was sentenced to supervised release for three years.

Florida residents who are accused of crimes such as wire fraud may not be sure how to proceed. It is generally suggested that a person should not wait to be arrested but rather consult with a criminal defense attorney given any hint of being a suspect in a criminal investigation. An experienced lawyer can explain the person’s rights and suggest the best way forward. If an arrest follows, the attorney will already be familiar with the case, and he or she can step in and advocate for the accused individual throughout the court proceedings.

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