Woman accused of drunk driving had unrestrained toddler in car

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2017 | DUI

Failing a breathalyzer test is likely any driver’s worst nightmare. When there is also an unrestrained toddler in the car, it could lead to even more severe charges. Florida drivers who are arrested for drunk driving may not know what will happen next and how to defend him or herself against the accusations. Fortunately, nobody needs to do this without help.

The sheriff’s office in Palm Beach County reports receiving a call from the driver of a tow truck who claimed he saw a car swerving across the road, narrowly avoiding collisions with four other vehicles. A deputy who responded to the call located the vehicle and pulled the 31-year-old driver over. When he approached the vehicle, he allegedly became aware of an alcohol smell and also saw an unrestrained toddler in the rear seat of the car.

The deputy further alleges that although he could see her driver’s license, the woman could not find it. His report indicates that she talked in slurred speech, and when a roadside DUI test was done, she allegedly fell over twice. The results of two separate breathalyzer tests showed a BAC of .2 and .187 percent respectively — the allowed limit in Florida is .08 percent.

The deputy further claims that the driver told him she drank two potent alcoholic beverages and took two types of habit-forming prescription drugs before driving her car. The driver now faces a DUI charge along with child abuse for failing to restrain the child in a safety seat. Such charges can have devastating consequences if an accused person is convicted. For that reason, many drivers in Florida who face drunk driving charges seek the support and guidance of an experienced DUI defense attorney to advocate for them.

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