Florida man charged with possession of new or legend drug

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Any person who is charged with drug crimes in Florida will likely grasp the seriousness of the situation. A criminal charge of possession of drugs is filed if a person is caught in possession of controlled substances or prescription drugs without the necessary prescription authorizing the person to have the drugs. Such charges could lead to harsh fines and possible jail time along with a reputation that is ruined.

A 30-year-old man was recently stopped for a traffic violation, and when the officer detected a familiar odor of marijuana in the car, a probable cause search was conducted. The search yielded a plastic wrapper that contained a round pill and a jewelry bag containing three oval pills. Law enforcement presumed the pills included one new legend drug called Ketorolac, one Hydrocodone tablet and two Loritab pills.

The man was taken into custody before he was transported to a correctional facility. There, he is awaiting his first court appearance. He is facing charges of controlled substance possession along with possession of a new or legend drug. A controlled substance is a drug that can only be used with a doctor’s prescription.

Once a person is detained for possession, too much is at stake to make the wrong decision. The logical step to take would likely be to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A Florida lawyer can analyze the charges and scrutinize the procedures law enforcement used during the search and the arrest, along with the evidence the prosecution has. Based on that information, a defense strategy can be devised with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome.

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