Florida man to be extradited to face mail fraud charges

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | White Collar Crimes

A man, formerly from another state, was recently arrested in Florida. Federal prosecutors in his former home state reported that the 57-year-old man of an address in Pompano Beach who was indicted in August is facing mail fraud and conspiracy charges. It is alleged that he was involved in a fraud scheme valued at $50 million.

The indictment indicates that the accused man was the co-founder of a business that did telemarketing in the other state. According to authorities, the company provided cleaning materials and light bulbs to facilities like government offices, churches, nonprofits, businesses and schools. It is alleged that the customers were charged for goods that were never ordered.

Further reports indicate that the accused man will be extradited from Florida. He will be sent to Maryland to appear at a scheduled hearing in U.S. District Court in Baltimore in September. Along with mail fraud charges, the man will also face conspiracy charges to defraud the Internal Revenue Service, which are all federal crimes.

Facing federal white collar crime charges such as mail fraud can be daunting. Florida residents who are accused of such crimes may have many questions about their rights and their defense options. Answers can be obtained from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can assess the charges and the evidence before explaining the most appropriate defense strategy.

When examining mail fraud charges, there are typically multiple documents of which the trails must be traced. Questions like whether signatures on documents were forged, and if not, it must be determined whether those who signed the documents were aware of the contents of the documents they signed. When money is involved, where did it go and who had access to bank accounts? The lawyer will address issues similar to these before establishing the most effective way to defend the accused individual.

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