DUI charges filed against Florida woman on horse back

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | DUI

An unusual case is unfolding in Florida that involves a Polk County horse owner. According to the sheriff’s office, a call came in to report a horse with a seemingly confused rider on a busy road in Lakeland on a recent Thursday afternoon. Deputies responded and pulled over the horse rider. She was arrested for DUI, and she is also facing a misdemeanor charge of animal neglect.

The sheriff alleges the 53-year-old woman’s eyes were watery, she staggered and they could smell alcohol on her breath. According to the arrest record, the results of a breath-alcohol test indicated a level more than double the allowed legal limit. The sheriff claims she endangered the lives of herself, her horse and other road users.

After officers hitched the horse to the patrol car of the deputy, it was allowed to graze until it was later taken to the animal control facility, where it remained. Reportedly, records of the accused woman’s criminal record indicate five previous felony charges and 10 more charges for misdemeanors. Authorities say some of these charges were for animal cruelty and possession of drugs.

In a case such as this one, the best course of action for the defendant will likely be to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in dealing with all cases that involve DUI charges in Florida. The lawyer can scrutinize the charges and the procedures used to determine her level of intoxication. The procedures during the arrest can also be examined before a defense strategy is devised to achieve the best possible outcome.

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