Possession and other charges filed against mother, 2 daughters

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Florida law enforcement in Charlotte County recently executed a search warrant at a residence in Port Charlotte. The circumstances that led to obtaining the warrant are unknown. A report by the sheriff’s office indicates that upon entering the home, detectives found a 23-year-old mother in bed along with two young children. A body search purportedly yielded some Dilaudid pills and a syringe in her possession. More syringes, opiate residue coated spoons, a rope along with a small quantity of marijuana were allegedly found in her bedroom as well.

Detectives say the young woman’s mother was also present and upon a search of her bedroom, they allegedly found significant amounts of Dilaudid pills, zip lock baggies, Suboxone and a spoon and baggie containing methamphetamine residue. During the search, the woman’s other daughter arrived at the house. Officers arrested this 24-year-old woman for possession of drug-related paraphernalia and the sale and delivery of controlled substances.

The younger daughter, who was said to be on bond for grand theft charges, is facing charges of possession of paraphernalia and controlled substances along with probation violation and also operating a vehicle without a valid license. The mother was charged with trafficking and possession of various controlled substances. They were all taken to the county jail.

Drug charges are serious, regardless of whether a person faces accusations of possession, trafficking or dealing in controlled substances. The consequences of a conviction can ruin a person’s life. For that reason, some of the people who are arrested on drug charges in Florida seek the support and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can explain the applicable laws and protect the accused individual’s legal rights while fighting to achieve the best possible outcome.

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