ATM client shows criminal mischief charges not only for juveniles

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Juvenile Crimes

What most people can only dream of happened to a man in Florida. While he withdrew cash from an auto teller at a Wells Fargo branch in Cocoa, there was no end to the money that the ATM provided. His reaction, and what followed, is proof that it is not only juveniles that can be charged with criminal mischief.

Reportedly, the 23-year-old man became angry when the ATM continued spitting out money. Police say he then took his aggravation out on the machine by punching the touch screen. Reportedly, his actions were recorded by the video surveillance camera. It is uncertain whether he managed to stop the stream of money, but he allegedly caused damage to the value of $5,000.

The Merritt Island resident who claims to have been on the way to work when he stopped to withdraw cash was arrested and booked into the jail complex of Brevard County. According to jail records, he apologized for his behavior, but that did not stop authorities from charging him with criminal mischief — a felony under Florida law. The man is now free on $2,000 bond. Reportedly, a request to press charges was filed by Wells Fargo.

While criminal mischief charges may be a more typical charge in juvenile crime, this case proves that even adults can be accused of being mischievous. However, no felony charge should be taken lightly, and any Florida resident in a similar situation may be well advised to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can advocate for the accused person throughout the legal procedures that will ensue, aiming for the best possible outcome.

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