Owner of stolen wallet accuses woman of credit card fraud

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

Circumstances can cause people to do things they would not usually do, and sometimes those actions can lead to clashes with law enforcement. Any person in Florida who is suspected of committing a crime such as credit card fraud may be unsure of how to proceed. The best first step is to seek legal counsel at the very first opportunity.

A Miami woman was recently arrested by officers with the Stuart Police Department. She is accused of making fraudulent charges to credit cards that belong to someone else. According to SPD, a report came in about a stolen purse after a credit card company advised the cardholder who was shopping in one store that someone else was using her credit card in a different store.

Reportedly, the owner of the credit card told police that the suspect must be using one of her credit cards that were in her wallet that had been stolen. Officers searched businesses in the reported area and located the suspect who was allegedly using the stolen credit card. Police officers claim to have found on the suspect several credit cards and a driver’s license in the name of the woman whose wallet was stolen. She now faces several charges, including grand theft and fraud.

While this Florida woman is on a bond of $40,000, she and her legal counsel are likely focused on preparing a defense to the formal accusations regarding credit card fraud. Any other person in a similar situation may choose to seek legal counsel immediately to build a strong case. A lawyer can work alongside the client to review the evidence and decide upon the best way forward as the case makes its way to court. 

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