Former Florida bookkeeper accused of embezzlement

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

A former bookkeeper of a Florida company will likely be exploring his defense options after his recent arrest. This followed an investigation that has been ongoing for approximately 10 months into suspected embezzlement. The 46-year-old man worked for the company until he was terminated after becoming a suspect.

Reportedly, suspicions arose when several financial transactions, which were deemed questionable, were noticed by administrators while the bookkeeper was away on vacation in June 2017. During the ensuing investigation, credit card and bank account records were subpoenaed by detectives. Upon studying these, they claimed to have uncovered a scheme by which the accused man had embezzled approximately $1.3 million.

According to detectives, he allegedly set up multiple bank accounts and credit cards in secret and also used several business checks for purchases. This led to his dismissal from his position at the company. During the arrest, police obtained a search warrant for his home to search of merchandise that could be connected to the alleged fraud. After the arrest, the suspect was apparently kept in the Brevard County Jail while he awaited the setting of bond, which police suspected to be for the value of about $721,000.

Whenever anyone is arrested for embezzlement or any other white collar crimes, he or she is often deemed guilty by the public before any appearance in court. However, the reality is that no conviction can take place until — and if — prosecutors have proven that person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Any person who is in a similar situation in Florida is entitled to legal counsel. An experienced criminal defense attorney can do whatever is possible to obtain the most favorable outcome.

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