3 crazy crime stories from Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Firm News

If you read any headlines, you notice that there are a lot of weird criminal acts that occur in Florida. There are some bizarre crimes that seem like they can only happen in the Sunshine State.

From fighting over shrimp to napping in the middle of a burglary, here are some of the craziest crime stories in Florida.

1. Dude, where is my shrimp?

Picture this: a man discovers his can of shrimp is missing one morning. He suspects his adult stepson is to blame so he confronts him about the crustaceans. They both get angry and decide to take their argument outside to the patio. The stepdad decides to cool off in the bathroom, only to have the stepson stick a sword through the bathroom door and throw some steak knives. We have a feeling this fight may have been about more than just the shrimp.

2. Mom with a taser

Imagine a mom and her adult daughter fighting in their front yard. Their argument is about how to clean their mobile home. The fight quickly escalates and the two start wrestling. Shortly, the mother shoots her daughter with a stun gun. In this incident, the mom faces charges of domestic battery. 

3. The napping burglar

Apparently, being a criminal is tiring. A man and his accomplice broke into a home in Lady Lake to steal some jewelry and electronics. Before they left the scene of the crime, however, the man decided he was exhausted and needed a nap. When the homeowner returned, he saw the man sleeping in the living room and quietly contacted the police. 

Many crimes in Florida are wacky and hard to understand. Share this list with your friends to remind them just how unpredictable Florida can be. Despite how funny some of the crimes may be, you never know when you will be the one ending up in handcuffs over an argument or misunderstanding.