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What are white collar crimes?

| Jun 14, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

In Florida, nonviolent crimes that are theft-related are usually felonies — depending on the value of funds involved. However, even some less significant cases classified as misdemeanors can have serious consequences. All these crimes are known as white collar crimes, and they are frequently committed in business settings.

Anyone accused of white collar crimes may need the services of an experienced law firm that could launch an independent investigation and build a strong defense that is strategically sound. At the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey, you will find a two-attorney defense team that has extensive experience in defending the various types of white collar crimes. This includes the different types of fraud.

Typical cases with which this law firm deal include allegations of bank fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud and mail fraud along with check, credit card and wire fraud. Charges involving forgery or embezzlement will be defended with equal fervency. White collar crimes typically involve complicated tracking of document trails, determining whether signatures were forged, where the money went and who had access to specific accounts.

Investigating white collar crimes for the purpose of building a strong and effective defense is a complicated process. If you are facing accusations of white collar crimes in Florida, you might want to note that prosecutors will be determined to seek harsh punishment. For this reason, it might be a good idea to secure the services of the Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey as soon as possible, rather than waiting to see what action prosecutors take. The sooner the investigations can begin, the more chance you will have of a defense that is stronger than the case prepared by the prosecution.