4 Florida residents accused of white collar crimes

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

Three people were recently arrested in Florida while a fourth suspect remains at large. They are all suspects in white collar crimes that involved over $20,000 worth of allegedly fraudulent transactions. According to the Polk County Sheriff’s office, the suspects included two 26-year-old and two 30-year-old individuals.

Reportedly, their alleged modus operandi was to steal personal information and identities of about 60 people and to use that information to make online credit card purchases from several JC Penney’s stores across 11 Florida counties. The purchased goods were then returned to the stores in exchange for refunds in the form of cash or gift cards. The suspects then sold the gift cards at discounted prices.

The suspects are each facing multiple charges. It includes racketeering and conspiracy to commit racketeering, petit theft, grand theft, criminal use of another individual’s personal information, and criminal use of the identification information of other individuals. Court documents show that these alleged fraudulent transactions occurred between late October of last year and early April 2018. Reportedly, investigations started after reports of fraudulent transactions were filed by JC Penney.

Convictions on white collar crimes can have devastating consequences. For that reason, most people facing such charges secure the services of a criminal defense attorney. Such cases typically have mounds of evidence, and a Florida lawyer with experience in this field will know how to sift through it to find answers on which to build a strong defense. The best possible outcome might be achieved by retaining legal counsel as soon as possible — even before an arrest when a person learns that he or she is under suspicion.