DUI: Suspected drunk driver caught with magic mushrooms and pot

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | DUI

Florida drivers whose driving seems erratic or reckless stand the risk of being reported to authorities. What follows could have an adverse impact on their lives. This was what happened when a 46-year-old Plantation man took to the Overseas Highway on a recent Saturday and he was pulled over for suspected DUI.

A Monroe County spokesperson of the sheriff’s office says several drivers called emergency services to report near misses of head-on collisions with a reckless driver. Reportedly, this happened at approximately 4 p.m. Deputies soon identified the vehicle and pulled the driver over in a DUI stop. They allege the driver had problems when he tried to roll down the car’s window, and they became aware of a strong marijuana smell emanating from the inside of the vehicle.

These observations led to a field sobriety test. Deputies claim the man struggled to keep his balance and his speech was slurred. They say he failed the test, and a search of the vehicle yielded some hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana, rolling papers, a grinder and a scale. He was arrested, and he now faces DUI and drug possession charges.

Other drivers in Florida who face similar situations might retain the services of an experienced DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after the arrest. A lawyer can be present during questioning to ensure the accused person’s legal rights are not violated. He or she can also examine the charges and the procedures of the field sobriety test and the search and seizure process to identify any irregularities. The attorney can then devise a defense strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.